Casino Night Chicago Fundraisers

Casino Night Chicago is your event planner for casino fundraiser benefits in and around the greater Chicagoland area. We literally will bring a glitzy Las Vegas casino gala atmosphere to you whether the event night you are planning is to be celebrated in Naperville, Aurora, or Joliet. Maybe your plan is to host a non-profit event with a classy casino flair in Oak Brook, Winnetka, or Lake Forest. Whatever the location you have chosen for your non-profit party venue, we will be there making your casino themed night a memorable occasion for your guests and a lucrative event for your non-profit mission. 


Hosting Fundraiser Benefits for Non-Profits 

Non-profit organizations typically need to raise funds and awareness for their mission, and it is our goal to make it all happen. Casino Night Chicago has the best fundraising plans for your purposes, and at very affordable rates. Guests of your gala will be thoroughly entertained in grand casino style, and your non-profit will reap the benefits. 

A non-profit casino fundraiser gives a unique flair to the business of fundraising. We will wine and dine your guests in style. The best part is you get to choose all the splendor yourself, and if you like, Casino Night Chicago is happy to help you decide the games, the food, the drink, and the entertainment. We are here to work with you for a successful event. We offer our clients all the favorite casino games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, and even craps. A bonus for your guests is that all our casino equipment is of the highest quality just a like a real casino. 

Your community of donors understands that when you host a fundraiser for your non-profit, the expectation is that money will be raised to help accomplish your mission. A casino themed gala is fun and exciting to attend. Hosting a casino night means your organization will reap a healthy return on your investment because when people are having a good time, they are inclined to be even more charitable. A casino fundraiser also provides the perfect platform in which to honor your donors by publicly recognizing their generosity for your non-profit mission.

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