Frequently Asked Questions

Easy, just fill out our online form to request a quote and a representative will contact you and walk you through the process of getting an event booked. We require that you pay 50% of the total party cost up front. You can pay the other 50% upon arrival.

Our parties are not age restricted. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a clean party to those of all ages. Some of the parties that we have done in the past include High School Graduations, Sweet Sixteen parties, and Birthday Parties.

Yes, having a casino themed party is perfectly legal because no real money is involved. Only chips are used for show. By only using chips, you are able to have fun without loosing real money. However, with the most chips, you will win prizes.

At these types of parties, you will be playing games that are found in major casinos in cities like Las vegas and Monte Carlo. At our parties though, we only use chips, not real money. At the beginning of the party, guests are given a certain amount of chips, and those chips can be used for black jack, slots, and more. Chips can be exchanged for raffle tickets at the end of the party, where prizes are won.

Most of our parties end up lasting about 3 hours for playing time. That is ample time for guests to win chips. We will however come up with the ideal time that works best for your individual schedule. Time is also needed for setting up and cleaning up after.

You are allowed to tip, but it’s not required.

We will discuss the best time for your schedule to bring in our equipment and start setting up. Setting up takes about an hour and is usually finished by the time guests arrive. Our dealers will arrive 15 minutes before game play. If your party is starting at seven, then our set up should be from around 6 to 6:30, and the dealers will be there right around 6:45. The game play will be from 7-10pm.

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